Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can I Kill It?

Right now, when you ask people, "So what's New Rave?" they answer "Oh, you know, Klaxons ....". What's the RAVE in Klaxons' music? I don't get it. It's just another hyped indie band from the UK. Glowsticks? No, thanks!

Even a bigger problem is the fashion that comes along with New Rave. It simply hurts my eyes.

How I wish New Rave would sound like Adam Sky's "Ape X".

P.S. Adam Sky is Adam Tinley. Remember him from 1989?


Jeremy said...

hey there... i just posted an interview with jamie from the klaxons and he talks more about the new rave thing. check it out it's at the impose magazine website

Jeremy said...
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